Tax Preparation

Our Tax Preparation Services Include:

  • Unfiled returns 
  • Returns with lost documentation
  • Small Business returns

You may have several years of unfiled tax returns that are part of your tax resolution problem and be overwhelmed at the thought of completing them.  Our tax resolution specialists are here to guide you through this process to produce them most complete and accurate return possible. 

Our tax resolution specialists can even help clients who have lost or had their records destroyed.  This step of our tax resolution services is crucial in every case and one we tax great pride in guiding our clients through. 

Whether you are an employee or a small business owner, our tax resolution specialists can get your unfiled returns completed and bring you into compliance and complete your tax resolution case.  

tax preparation services in maine

At Tax Resolution Allies we are tax resolution specialists who provide tax resolution services quickly and effectively to get the IRS off your back and restore your piece of mind.  Don’t let the IRS place liens on your property, levy your wages or bank account or seize your passport!

For more information on our tax preparation services, visit our accounting website Sebago Lakes Accounting.

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